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Therapists - Susanne Calman

  • 1 hour Reiki Healing – $120.00
  • 1 hour Seichim Healing – $120.00 
  • 1 hour Spirit Medicine – Intuitive Healing, Soul Reading – $120.00
  • 1 hour Intuitive Healing for Fertility – $120
Spirit Medicine

A powerful fusion of energy healing with kinesiology, aromatherapy, flower essences, alchemical essences, crystals, oracle card reading, affirmations, breathe awareness, chakra and aura cleanse, colour healing, music and nutritional advice.
The treatment may also include smudge, Tibetan singing bowls, medicine drum and Koshi chimes to cleanse and ground energy.
At the conclusion of your treatment, Susanne will share with you insights that arose during your healing.


Susanne is a master healer/teacher who shares insights, practical and spiritual wisdom through her personal consultations, workshops and retreats. Susanne believe that your health is your greatest asset and offers holistic practices and guidance for balancing body, mind and spirit.

What is your intention for your personal health, wellbeing, relationships and success? A treatment with Susanne nurtures your body, heals your heart & soothes your soul. Susanne draw upon her ‘tools’ to intuit what you need to restore your health and happiness.
Insights from your treatment and guidance for your journey to health and happiness are shared with you. 


This is a gentle healing to lighten & brighten your energy.
Change your mind, change your life.
This healing works on a mental level with Reiki and Aromatherapy to clear, calm and soothe the mind. Susanne incorporates deep and long energy holds around key “stress” points of the head, face, neck and shoulders to shift blockages and release tension. 
Get out of your head and float down into your heart to discover a fresh outlook on your life.

Intuitive Healing for Fertility

A specialized treatment that draws upon a rich mosaic of healing therapies blended together with Susanne’s powerful intuition and psychic gifts to create a powerful, transformational healing.