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$288.00 per person.


Sacred Tools of Oneness Kelly
10am – 4pm

Every Ancient civilization and Native culture used many techniques, with a variety of methods and tools to create greater harmony and clarity.
On this day we will be bringing these methods and tools together to give you a greater understanding of night and daily energy, and to provide information and experience that will allow you to discern your own internal answers which are woven in to the depths of your soul.

What we will cover on this day:
Dreams: Learn how to prepare, remember, cleanse and understand your dreams.
Crystals: How to work with crystals, stones and gems in ethical ways. How crystals can heal, have dream connection and how to use for manifestation.
Sacred Tools: How to care for your drums, rattles and other Shamanic Tools in your work.
Explore Plants: How to honour and spend time with nature. How we can learn from their gifts, strengths and medicine.
Relationships with nature beings: Explore how to use animal tools with honour (such as feathers). Connect in ceremonies, respect and communicate.
Middle world Spirits: Working with the elements; Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and including the Sun, Moon, Stars and Galaxies.
Altars: Learn what an Altar is, why we use Altars and how to create and Altar.

What you will need to bring:
– Journal and Pen
– Your crystals or stones which you’d
like to be a part of the day
– Your sacred tools which you’d like to learn with.  

You will receive sacred tools to take home with you.

Bookings are essential as places are limited.