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SAGITTARIUS: November 22nd – December 21st
The search for knowledge and truth inspires Sagittarius, who is on a quest to find the meaning of life. Curious and open minded, Sagittarius relishes the adventure that comes with the quest, be it a roam around the world or a deep inner journey.
Enthusiastic Sagittarius thrives on new experiences and truly loves life. Freedom to learn and explore is important to Sagittarius, who doesn’t take kindly to having those wings clipped.
The pursuit of knowledge brings Sagittarius into contact with many new ideas and cultures and Sagittarius will often turn to philosophy and religion in the search for answers to the deeper questions.
Optimistic, generous, just and kind-hearted, Sagittarius is great company with a good sense of humour to boot. One can trust Sagittarius and expect to be trusted in return. Sagittarius is also very straightforward, preferring to tell it like it is.
This pendant is crafted from sterling silver with a hammered finish and measures 14 mm in diameter.
*Chain sold separately.

Zodiac Symbol – Sagittarius Pendant


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