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AUTHOR: Marchetti, Ciro
This strikingly beautiful tarot is easy to use for anyone familiar with the Rider-Waite-Smith model. This deck can be used with any tarot system or book.
Enter the magical world of The Gilded Tarot where you’ll discover answers to life’s greatest questions. Explore the ageless images of fair maidens, mystical sages, and brave knights as they spring to life through stunning designs and cutting-edge digital art techniques.
Combining the Rider-Waiter tarot system’s familiar imagery with Ciro Marchetti’s exquisite artwork, this stand-alone deck is valuable took for any reader. Vibrantly coloured and captivating, The Gilded Tarot deck re imagines one of the most well known and widely studied tarot models.
Included is a 78-card deck and 168-page guide book.

The Gilded Tarot Set by Ciro Marchetti


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