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Many Australian adults over 35 don’t enjoy a good night’s sleep and most people over 50 don’t expect to sleep deeply, according to clinical hypnotherapist Paul Fenton-Smith. Instead of waking up refreshed, more of us awaken feeling tired and listless. A good night’s sleep is an essential part of a positive day, especially if it’s a normal, natural, healthy sleep. Fenton-Smith has been improving the quality of clients’ sleep since 1986, using hypnosis to gradually improve sleeping patterns. Hypnosis can be a powerful and effective way to set new positive sleeping patterns without the use of medications. Now he has released Restful Sleep, a new hypnosis CD to enable anyone to improve their nightly sleep and it can even be used as you fall asleep or if you wake up during the night. This CD offers a powerful method of improving your sleep to help you awaken feeling refreshed and relaxed. It includes two tracks, the first with wake up instructions at the end (for use during the day) and the second which allows the listener to fall directly into a deep sleep.

Restful Sleep CD by Paul Fenton-Smith


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