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AUTHOR: Silveira, Isabel
This concise, and yet profound book is innovative in both theme and presentation. Using this book the reader can quickly and accurately identify a diverse array of quartz crystals, and find out about each crystals individual features and healing potential. The reader will be introduced to a wide array of Clear Quartz Crystals, which, until now, have been so hard to differentiate between. The strikingly detailed pictures revealing the specific features of each crystal continue the theme of easy identification. There is a rich report of the authors personal experiences of dealing with crystals on a day-to-day basis, and some suggested uses for the energetic qualities of each piece. Objective and practical this book is an indispensable aid to admiring the beauty of the mineral realm, and for gaining insight into the crystals energetic properties.
Page count: 79

Quartz Crystals by Isabel Silveira


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