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Mineral rocks are formed on the earth’s crust over many millions of years. Crystallisation can occur in igneous rocks when molten magma cools and solidifies. Crystal’ is derived from the Ancient Greek work krustallos meaning ‘rock crystal’ or ‘ice.’ A crystal has several regular geometric shapes and can take seven possible geometric forms; triangles, squares, rectangles, hexagons, rhomboid’s, parallelograms or trapeziums. Whatever form it takes, its crystalline structure can absorb and emit energy on many levels.
The world of crystal is truly amazing. Here you will find an attractive collection of crystals selected and sourced from all over the world for you to enjoy.
This crystal box includes Quartz Point, Selicon Carbine, Citrine Point, Amethyst Cluster, and Pyrite.
*Colours, shapes and sizes will vary from the image shown.

Mineral Rock Crystals – Box 1


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