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A beautiful hammered sterling silver representation of the Muladhara chakra.
The 7 chakras are swirling ‘wheels’ of energy arranged along the spine, through which invisible prana (life force energy) flows. When the chakras are open and healthy, the body and mind are also healthy.
MULADHARA is known as the root chakra and is located at the base of the spine. It represents grounding to the Earth and connection with our physical body. It relates to instinct and survival – think security, stability and financial independence. A healthy root chakra is characterised by courage, confidence and self awareness. Muladhara is where we ground the life force energy in our body.
This pendant measures 27 mm in diametre.
*Chain sold separately.
Designer: Blue Turtles.

Chakra Symbol – Muladhara / Base (1st) Pendant


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