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Air element pendant ;Wise, intellectual, logical, rational, full of ideas, big picture oriented, inquisitive, light, clear, emotionally in control, communicative, expansive, adventurous, flexible, unconventional, curious and unpredictable.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Approximate pendant dimensions: 1.5cm x 1.5cm
Designer: Blue Turtles

45cm Sterling Silver Chain

3 x Tumbles ; Clear Quartz is a stone of light and is known to be a master crystal which can assist in cleansing, clearing and healing.
Focus your energies, see your clear path and program your Quartz to achieve the goals your heart desires.

Australian Certified Organic (ACO).
100% Pure Essential Oil.
This oil was created for those seeking a deeper level of connection to their soul, mind & body.
The Meditation blend supports mental clarity, tranquility and patience.
This blend consists of:
– Organic Sweet Orange
– Organic Patchouli
– Organic Geranium
– Organic non-phototoxic Bergamot
– Organic Mandarin
Quantity – 10ml
Cautions: Keep out of reach of children. Consult your physician if pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care. Avoid contact with eyes, and sensitive areas. Possible skin sensitivity.

Alchemy Air Element Gift Box


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