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Therapists - Kelly

  • 1 hour Shamanic Healing – $160.00
  • 1.5 hour Shamanic Healing and Soul Guidance / Reading – $210.00
  • 1 hour Sound Healing – $160.00
  • 1 hour Tea Leaf Reading & Runes – $160.00
  • 1 hour phone session – $160.00
  • 2 hour Shamanic Teaching – $280.00
  • 2 hour Shamanic Rites, 3 rites per session – $444.00
  • 2 hour Earth Work and Activations ( This will be held in nature) – $280.00

*Herbs, crystals and oils may be used throughout the appointment.


Kelly is passionate about working with spirit on a soul level. 
Everything we do is governed by our Soul – from the colour we wear to the food we eat, and the places we decide to go. The Soul is living through you. 
Kelly can help by passing on messages to assist your spiritual growth, and provide guidance.
This can provide you with another level of validation and is beneficial if you have been feeling stuck or disconnected from your souls purpose.
Feel a sense of relief, increase your confidence, align and re-ignite your Soul purpose with Kelly. 


  • Journeying
  • Understanding the four directions (North, East South and West)
  • Opening and closing sacred space
  • Learn and feel into the elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit) through the use of Oracle Cards, Crystals, Runes and Channeling.

Available in individual or group classes. 



Kelly is a kind, sensitive & gifted Shaman, Teacher and Soul Reader, known widely for spiritual grounding protection, as well as the contacting of spirit guides, loved ones, angels, your higher self and animals. Kelly can assist you with restoring balance and wholeness, by addressing the root cause of the problem, clearing negative emotions, soul remembering & retrieving and clearing your luminous energy field.
With her first experience of the spiritual world as a young girl, Kelly has grown and learned from her unexpected gifts over her lifetime, now using her abilities to help those who seek guidance, knowledge & understanding and to educate.

Having travelled to many sacred places around the world, Kelly has connected with Elders and the lands from many different cultures. The knowledge and wisdom that Kelly now has, is brought through in an ancient form of spiritual healing known as shamanism. Some say it’s the oldest form of healing found in many indigenous cultures.

You can work with Kelly to help evolve your own gifts or to simply find closure on a particular event in your life.


Some say this is the oldest form of healing found in many indigenous cultures. The word ‘Shaman’ comes from Siberia and means “One who seeks in the dark”.
Kelly can help assist you with restoring balance and wholeness by addressing the root cause of the problem, clear the negative emotions you feel in various parts of the body
and clear your energy field. During the Shamanic Healing, Kelly also assists with soul remembering and soul retrieval.


About Shamanic Rites: Shamanic Munay-Ki rites are a series of rites based on the initiatory practices of the Q’ero Shamans of Peru. “Munay” in Quechua means ‘love and will’ together with “Ki” from the Chinese work for energy combine to give the meaning: ‘Energy of love.’ 3 rites per session.


This is a journey for your soul, the greatest honour and gift you could do for you – the journey from a wounded Healer into the sage. 
In the Medicine Wheel, you will journey through the four directions; South West, North and East. Each one will be studied individually at your own pace.  
You will learn journeys, ceremonies, teaching and healing practices. Learn to build your mesa with stones/crystals while working in natural rhythm of life. 
Minimum four sessions per direction.